6 tips for taking your cross stitch products on a summer holiday

6 tips for taking your cross stitch products on a summer holiday

Have you got a holiday planned for the summer? Lucky you! Where are you off to?

If you’re an avid cross stitcher like me, you might be thinking about taking a cross stitch project on holiday with you - there’s nothing better than being by the pool or the sea, the warm sun on your skin, a cold drink next to your sunlounger, and a cross stitch project on the go.

Here are my top tips for a stress-free crafting experience on holiday.


1. Take a couple of cross stitch projects

It’s worth taking more than one cross stitch project, just in case you finish one or want a change. How many you take is up to you, and depends on the size of your projects (and your luggage).

You're probably not going to spend the whole holiday cross stitching - I’m sure you want to actually do some sight-seeing on holiday - but some people do like spending lots of time sitting by the pool or on the beach, cross stitching in the sun.

Take as many as you think you need to keep your fingers occupied, without forfeiting too much suitcase space - you might want to bring home a souvenir or two.


2. Take small or medium sized cross stitch projects

Following on from the last point, taking smaller cross stitch projects will mean that you have space in your luggage for at least two.

Some cross stitchers have a big frame setup at home, with lovely big cross stitch projects. It’s obviously not practical to have that on holiday with you, sadly!

Smaller cross stitch projects will also be more manageable to stitch in public places - take something that you can literally hold in your hand, and fit in a tote bag.


Embroidery scissors needle minder


3. Check flight regulations regarding scissors and needles

Although there are some blanket rules for what you can take on a flight, airlines do differ, so double check with the company you’re flying with.

Some airlines do allow you to take a small pair of scissors (blades 6cm or shorter) and sewing needles in your hand luggage, but checking beforehand will ensure that you don’t get them confiscated at airport security.

I've seen really contrasting stories in cross stitch groups on Facebook, some saying, “everyone said that taking scissors would be okay, but I got them confiscated at security,” and other people saying, “I've literally walked through security with big scissors - no problem.”

I would always prefer to go off the rules and regulations on an airline or airport’s website, rather than one person’s experience.


4. Double, triple, quadruple check

Do you live your life by lists, or are you one of those people who’s always winging it?

Either way, I'd recommend using a list to check that you have everything you need for cross stitching before you go on holiday.

Make sure you have:

  • your embroidery hoop
  • all called-for threads
  • small scissors
  • needles
  • the pattern
  • plus a digital version as a backup in case the physical copy gets ruined

I've been on holiday so many times where I've seen someone's book melt, like the glues melted and the pages have flown off everywhere into the sea, and if that happens with a pattern it’s devastating, so having the digital version as a backup could be a god-send.


Cross stitch bag by Stitchmajig


5. Have a dedicated cross stitch project bag

Having a bag especially for keeping your cross stitch projects in is soooo helpful on holiday.

The project bag helps to keep everything organised and easy to find, and there’s less risk of losing any of it - we all know how easy it is to misplace belongings in a hotel room on holiday.

There are a few cross stitchers who make project bags out of different fancy fabrics, and some of them add their cross stitch designs onto it, which is super cute.

If you don’t fancy making your own, there are loads of cross stitch project bags on Etsy.


6. Bring spare cross stitch needles

I’m sure this goes without saying really, but if you only bring one needle and you lose it, then it’s game over for your holiday cross stitching project.

Occasionally you will get a little needle in a mending kit in your hotel room, which I had recently with some buttons and it was super handy. However, it's unlikely, especially if you’re staying in a cheap and cheerful hotel.

Plus, if you’re a cross stitcher who’s more picky about what needle they use, whatever you find in a hotel mending kit isn’t going to cut it. It’s best to take a few of your favourite cross stitching needles, to be on the safe side.


Those are my top cross stitching on holiday tips - what are yours? If you have any brilliant advice that you think I’ve left out, send me a DM on Instagram and I might just add it in.

If you’re new to cross stitch, check out my other helpful blog posts to get you going. Have a read of my Beginner’s Guide to Cross Stitch, and find out my favourite embroidery threads for cross stitch, embroidery hoops, and the different types of cross stitch fabric too.

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