What Is The Difference Between Cross Stitch And Embroidery?

What Is The Difference Between Cross Stitch And Embroidery?

One of our most asked questions is what makes cross stitch different to embroidery. With different types of needlecraft available, you might feel confused about which is which. There is just something about cross stitch that has made it incredibly popular. Although it is a form of embroidery, it is a type of counted needlework that is worked on even-weave fabrics that have visible holes. If you are interested in learning more about cross stitch and embroidery, you have come to the right place. Read on to learn more about the two.

Cross stitch

Known for being the most frequently used stitch, the cross stitch forms a small “x” on every square. The pattern shows the number of squares there are. The thing about cross stitch patterns is that they are charted designs that use fabrics that have a natural grids. Thus, the design does not have to be transferred or printed on the fabric (like with embroidery) as the gridlines can be stitched according to the chart. Unlike hand embroidery that has more texture and dimension to it, the finished product of cross stitch lays flat.

With cross stitching, colours do not really blend together. However, to show that colours blend together, you can use different shades of a colour side by side to create a colour gradient.

A major reason why cross stitch is popular is that it is suitable for beginners. You can use a pre-planned design when working with cross stitch. The designs appear angular and boxy as cross stitch uses tiled patterns. However, it can create some truly beautiful intricate designs that you can use to embroider slogans onto a fabric. Besides, there are plenty of trendy and modern cross stitch patterns that are easy to make, like the designs in our Mandala Collection:



Embroidery involves the use of a needle, thread, and different types of stitches along with embellishments like beads and pearls to create stunning designs. It is a popular decorative art form that just about everyone knows about. When it comes to embroidery designs, they can either be made by hand or using an embroidery machine. However, hand embroidery is much more common as it offers a much wider selection of fabrics. Thus, you can create more unique designs using a beginner’s craft kit.

What sets hand embroidery designs apart is the fact that they are special works of art. They carry a personal touch. There are all types of knots and stitches that you can combine for creating designs and patterns. On the other hand, cross stitch involves primarily one type of stitch, but can incorporate backstitch, fractional stitches and french knots.


Now that you have finished reading our post, you should know the difference between cross stitch and embroidery. Since cross stitch is much easier, we would recommend starting your crafting journey with it. Then, you can try out other types of hand embroidery like stumpwork, drawn thread embroidery, needlepoint, and crewelwork. They will allow you to extend your creativity.

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