Our New Mandala Giraffe Cross Stitch Kit and Needle Minder

Our New Mandala Giraffe Cross Stitch Kit and Needle Minder

You guys asked and we (finally) delivered. After almost two years, the follow-up cross stitch design to our popular Mandala Elephant Cross Stitch Kit is here! AND, it has a matching needle minder! It is a... Mandala Giraffe!

Our Secret

We have been sharing sneak peeks on our Instagram of our new design as we have been stitching it. However, we kept the animal a secret so you could try and guess what is was. A few of you guessed it correctly straight away and a lot of your were on the right track with the safari theme that we are keeping to. Although, ‘hippo’ and ‘cow’ came up quite a lot! It did sort of look like a cow until I started stitching the ossicones (giraffe horns – I literally just googled this two minutes ago to find out their official name). Your guesses also gave us an idea of what the next animal should be - so watch this space!



Our brand new Mandala Giraffe Cross Stitch Kit and matching needle minder are available for pre-order now and will be shipped from 21st June 2021 onwards. It consists of 16 vibrant DMC thread colours, which are included in our kits, in addition to 14 count white Sampedro aida fabric, an embroidery needle, a printed A3 pattern, colour key and instructions (which are super helpful for beginners).

For those of you asking - yes, there will be a PDF version of the Mandala Giraffe Cross Stitch available from 21st June 2021. This will be available in our Etsy shop.


What's next?

Our Giraffe really is a beautiful design and A LOT of blood, sweat and actual tears went into it! We absolutely cannot wait to release our next Mandala Animal and we have actually already started work on this, so you won't have to wait as long as before!


Social Media

We have been very busy filming tutorials that are helpful for beginners and for anyone else who wants to learn tips and tricks for cross stitch, such as how to finish and display your finished piece of work.

If you don't already, you should follow us over on Instagram HERE, as we are very active on there and this is how you can keep most up-to-date with our new products and our day-to-day lives!

We also have a new Facebook Group HERE, which we are aiming to grow into a thriving community of stitchers. It is a place where you can share your Meloca Designs' cross stitches and get help and support with stitching.


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