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DISCONTINUED Mandala Rabbit Diamond Painting Kit

DISCONTINUED Mandala Rabbit Diamond Painting Kit

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Is that a rabbit hopping along? These cute creatures can be found in burrows when they aren't out causing mischief. This kit includes everything you need to make your very own fabulous 5D diamond painting.

Diamond painting is a relatively new craft that draws inspiration from cross stitch and paint by numbers. You apply thousands of small, colourful resin rhinestones (also known as diamonds) to an adhesive canvas. The canvas is pre-printed with the design (including symbols) so you know exactly where to place each colour. Your finished diamond painting will be a beautiful and shimmering mosaic-style piece of art that you can display in your home.

Your diamond painting kit will include:
- Instructions
- Printed colour-coded pattern (poured glue)
- Colour key
- Pre-sorted round resin 5D diamonds
- Applicator pen
- Applicator pen wax
- Diamond Tray
- Tweezers

Other information:
- The finished size of the design is: 40cm x 40cm / 16 x 16 inches
- This is a full drill diamond painting kit meaning that the whole design is made up of drills (diamonds)
- This kit contains everything you need to complete this beautiful design
- Suitable for beginner and advanced diamond painters - and anything in between!
- A fun, vibrant and unique diamond painting kit designed in Birmingham, UK

Each diamond painting kit contains small drills, so please take extra care and keep out of the reach of children. Our diamond painting kits are suitable for adults only.

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